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We know these are unique times and we want you to be aware of some things before arriving. There will be guests and members of the wedding party at our event who are not wearing masks. If this is a safety concern or an issue for you we completely understand if you will not be able to attend because of those concerns.
Rachel & Brandon




Rachel and Brandon

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Our Story

Rachel and Brandon first met in 2014 during a shared shift at work. Brandon was recently transferred to her location and was setting up something for work when Rachel came to introduce herself: “Hi! I’m Rachel!”

From that exuberant greeting began the ensuing friendship that would slowly develop into a relationship full of love and laughter.

The first time Brandon officially asked Rachel out on a date was when she was leaving her current job for a new one, so he took the chance to ask if she wanted to celebrate the adjustment in her career path with him. Brandon very much considered this a first date, while Rachel unknowingly thought of it as hanging out.

Their relationship went on in very much this manner, with friends teasing the two of them for their obvious attraction to each other - but shyness and timing holding them back. It was during a moment like this, while Rachel and her friend Rossana were at a pool chatting that Rachel found herself talking about how funny and how much he made her days brighter. At that moment she realized that she wanted to be with him.

The moment Brandon knew he wanted to be with Rachel was when he picked her up for an official date and Rachel said “Hi!” - but in her excitement to see him yelled it on accident.

In 2016 their relationship blossomed. They went on a series of dates including going to zoos, Disney World, rope parks, winter wonderlands and many other adventures – several of which decorate Rachel’s picture wall under twinkling lights in their home.

On Valentine’s Day 2017, Brandon surprised Rachel with a series of grand dates including a trip to New York, a hot air balloon ride and a drive in a limo to a series of Wineries with all of Rachel’s friends. The attention and detail that Brandon put into each and every date created a memory to be talked about for years to come, something that Rachel had always wanted. While all their dates were special, they both consider their hot air balloon date one of the most magical: “We almost hit a powerline! And we were able to grab a leaf from a tree as we passed by, something we still have in our keepsake box.”

So it was to no one’s surprise except hers when in 2019, before Rachel’s birthday and while visiting one of her best friends in San Diego CA, Brandon asked Rachel to marry him during a morning hike on one of the overlooks in Torrey Pines State Reserve. No one was around except the two of them – the wind sweeping away her tears and ocean waves a backdrop to their happy kiss as she said: “Yes!”

Rachel considers Brandon someone who has helped shaped her into the woman she is today because of his encouragement and guidance. From where she was in her life and her career in 2014 to 2020, Rachel considers it “night and day.”

“He has been at my side to drive me to be better and I want to be better for him.”
The joy that Brandon feels from Rachel’s company, humor and love has made him a happier person and more content as a whole.

Rachel and Brandon thank you for being a part of their lives and would love nothing more than to celebrate their love with you - their friends and family whom they cherish.
Susan Moyal